Wat Mondop Temple

Pattaya Wat Mondop Temple on the Hill

Wat Mondop in Pattaya is known as the temple on the hill. It is 200 steps up from the car park, but worth the effort.

Wat Mondop is not often visited, for it requires motorcycle, car or taxi access.

Added to that it is not one of the ‘touristy’ type attractions that are frequented by the tour buses that are everywhere in Pattaya.

As a result, Wat Mondop is a quiet are where you can truly immerse yourself in silence, meditation, relaxation or simple recover from the 200 steps that you have had to climb to get to the Wat.

It is not nicknamed the Wat on the Hill for nothing!

Climbing up the staircase – the steps are conveniently grouped in sections of 20, so have a ‘resting’ platform before the next set of steps – you will be guarded by the long white guardian serpents either side of the stairway.

Wat Mondop Temple on the Hill in PattayaAt the right time of the year, you can also take in the beautiful scent of the Frangipani trees either side of the staircase.

If the thought of climbing the 200 steps is just too much for you, there is a quiet place for worship after the first 40 or so steps.

This brings you to a flat area before the final ascent to the beckoning temple at the top of the hill.

As there is little in the way of shade on the way up, you might decide to opt for early-ish morning or late afternoon – or even a cloudy day – in which to visit. Firstly, stock up with water at the stall adjacent to the car park.

Whilst the Wat Mondop might seem to be relatively deserted, please be aware that it is a sacred temple, and as such you should dress accordingly. This can be quite casual, but no crutch hugging shorts or sleeveless vests. Save those for the beach.

Pattaya Wat Mondop: A Peaceful Sanctuary

Pattaya Wat Mondop Temple on the HillWat Mondop is a quiet place – well suited to absorbing the atmosphere that most Temples have.

The Wat building houses a Buddha Image, and also an image of the Lord Buddha’s Footprint.

Photos are not normally allowed inside the Temple, though outside there are plenty of views and attractions to photograph.

There is a sitting area in shade to the side of the main plateau, and this is well suited to study and concentration. Worship would normally be carried out inside the small Wat.

Wat Mondop is situated not too far from the huge Wat Yansangwararam, and one of the best views of Yansangwararam is in fact either from the top area of Wat Mondop, or even from the staircase on way up.

It is a good excuse to stop the hike and get the camera out.

There are also good views of the distant Pattaya, and one feature you should notice, is how green everything looks down there.

There are two sets of temple Bells at top area. It is normal custom to strike a bell three times according to custom. In this case we are presented with sets of four assorted bells. Unless we find out otherwise, you can either strike a single bell three times, or strike each bell once.

The latter seems to be the preferred way with the Thais I have witnessed up here. Whatever, don't treat it as a joke. It is part of Thai custom. You are in Thailand - respect!

Descending the staircase on way down is almost as strenuous as the hike up – but you have the added pleasure of giving a gentle ‘knowing’ smile to anyone on the way up.

Looking down into the car park area, you will notice the golden foliage of the variegated Rubber trees. They are the same plants that are sold in garden centers as indoor houseplants – but of course in that situation they will not reach their height of 4-6 metres such as the ones in the car park.

On arrival at the car park, you will almost certainly be greeted by one or two of the stray dogs, which seem to be part of Temple life throughout Thailand. The dogs are harmless – simply after food.

If you are going to feed them, do it when you come back then escape on your bike or care. If you are tempted to feed them when you arrive, you will have them for company up all of the 200 steps.

Getting to Wat Mondop Pattaya

Getting to the car park is the easy part!

Drive along Sukhumvit towards Sattahip from Pattaya, and several kilometers out – look out for Ambassador City complex on the other side of the road. 4.8 kilometers further on and you will see the sign (to the left) for Wat Yansangwararam and Virharnra Sien.

Turn left, follow the winding road for a few kilometers and go over the two roundabouts that lead directly into Wat Yansangwararam. Bear up to the right once inside the Wat – where the tour bus car park is, and you will come to a road that allows you to drive to the right.

This will take you up though woodland, with a selection of semi-concealed Monk’s houses on the right. Keep on the road for about two kilometers, and going up a little bit of hill which bears to the left, you will see the first sign to Wat Mondop.

The car park is situated just around the bend on the left hand side. Park in the shade of the trees. Take a deep breath, and off you go. See you at the top.