Sanctuary of Truth

Santuary of Truth Pattaya

The Sanctuary of Truth is rather more than just a spectacular timber building. The philosophy encompases Eastern religions.

I never cease to be in awe when travelling and visiting places of note in Thailand.

Pattaya - best known for reasons other than beautiful buildings - is host to an amazing all-timber structures, known as The Sanctuary of Truth.

The Sanctuary of Truth can be viewed in any state of mind.

You can simply marvel at the magnitude of the place; it's intricate wood carving; the engineering expertise; or even get caught up - quite easily - in the philosophy that is impregnated into every splinter of the fine hardwood that is the core of the building.

An all-timber, magnificent building, with a Big Story-line!

Statistics of Pattaya Sanctuary of Truth

Needless to say, The Sanctuary of truth is a place of work for many wood carvers. They will invariably be working as you visit, and you will be able to see examples of work in progress.

Santuary of Truth PattayaHard hats are necessary, and the tours are normally led by guides whilst the construction work progresses.

The distant view of the Sanctuary of Truth, leads you to believe that you are about to visit one of the great historical Thailand sites. Rarely is such artistry seen these days - even in the East - as that which is on show.

Beautifully weathered, it looks as though it must be many hundreds of years old. It has that type of quality about it. The illusion is not dispelled upon entering the building either. The craftsmanship is more in keeping with eras long since past.

Some of the magnificent wood carvings inside the sanctuary. The right hand image shows work in progress, with chalk marks outlining the proposed carving - but with the craftsman's eye to do the rest.

Images show one of the roof panels inside the Sanctuary of Truth, the central image gives a little bit of feeling for the overall size of the structure, whilst the right image is again of some exterior carving work.

The craftsmanship and design of the Sanctuary of Truth are just breathtaking. However, here in the Sanctuary, there are philosophical angles that should not be ignored, for they are the reason behind the building.

As you would expect, Eastern philosophies and religions have been an integral part of the thinking behind the building and establishment of the Sanctuary of Truth. Once you start looking around the interior, you soon begin to realise that herein, is something rather more that the intricate carvings and wood-workings.

The name alone, suggests something much deeper than the painstaking carving. Work like this cannot simply appear without a purpose.

The Sanctuary of Truth was conceived out of a vision that human civilization has been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truth. It was was created from the goodness which is drawn from areas of religion, philosophy and art.

It is believed that man cannot be born and exist without seven creators. At The Sanctuary of Truth, the creators are visible through the carved sculptures adorning the interior of the building. Heaven, Earth, Father, Mother, Moon, Sun and Stars.

On top of the four main spires of the sanctuary of truth, the four elements that will lead to the ideal world according to eastern philosophy are presented by:

On top of the tallest , central spire is Kalaki mounting a horse, the symbol of Phra Sri Ariyametrai Phra Sir Ariyamethai was the last Bodhisattva to achieve enlightenment in the world, and became the fifth Buddha in the Bhadhra era - the present era.

All of this and much more is explained in detail by the guides, and if you are lucky enough to meet the 'guide' that I did, then you will be treated to a philosophical discourse that will have you wondering just where you have gone wrong in your life!

Welcome to The Sanctuary of Truth. NOT to be by-passed when in Pattaya.