Mini Siam

Mini Siam at Pattaya

Mini Siam in Pattaya is a miniature display of much that is spectacular in Thai cultural history and near perfect replicas of Thailand's great monuments.

Mini Siam in Pattaya gives you a bird's eye view of most of the architectural features in Thailand - and you don't have to fly.

Mini Siam is a showpiece of miniature buildings representing all that is great about Thailand.

A few other world class cities are also featured. It is easy to find, and for the convenience of parents with kids in tow - there is a MacDonald's Restaurant adjacent. It can hardly be missed!

Many of Thailand most famous buildings are featured in Mini Siam and it is a 'must do' for visitors and residents of Pattaya alike.
It is quite easy to spend a few hours in this spectacular attraction, and the gardens are also to be admired.

Pattaya Mini Siam Visitor Attraction

One of two 'Guardian Spirits' who take care of Mini Siam visitor attraction in Pattaya. They are sure to keep you safe during your visit. Towering over the entrance as they do, they are not part of the 'mini' section of the attraction.

Mini Siam in Pattaya is a place that will fill your camera storage space with many images of spectacular structures. Sure to be the envy of your friends back home. It is a major visitor attraction in Pattaya, and is one of those places that should be on the Thailand tourist agenda.

Local residents in Pattaya - who so often neglect the beautiful attractions around the city - would also be surprised at the expertise displayed in building and displaying this miniature showpiece of many of Thailand's treasured monuments.

Mini Siam at PattayaYou may even find that your own country is represented. For instance France, Italy, UK and USA all have featured buildings on display.

Mini Siam was built in 1986 with the Democracy Monument of Bangkok being the first miniature to be built.

As with many things in Thailand you may smile at the fact that the Sidney Opera House in Australia, is categorised as being part of mini-Europe! No matter.

It is there at Mini Siam, showing its architectural splendour in fine detail, as you would expect with the fine handiwork of the Thai craftsmen who have provided us with all the sine detail.

A general view of the beautifully laid out Mini Siam Visitor Attraction in Pattaya, showing some of the extensive garden as well as a few of the architectural features. Definitely a place to go in Pattaya when you are wondering what to do, or where to go.

To show that Thai constructional expertise was not confined to the distant past, there is an excellent exhibit of the RAMA IX BRIDGE in BANGKOK, which spans the river with a distance of 450 metres between the main uprights.

Mini Siam Visitor Attraction at PattayaOn the Mini Siam website, it is quoted as being the 450 metres between supports, measured from the Thonburi side of the bridge.

One hopes that it is also the same measurement if measured from the Bangkok side also.

Most visitors to Bangkok will instantly recognise the Wat Phra Kaeo in the city.

If you are clever enough with your camera angles when photographing this miniature, you will not need to travel to Bangkok to impress your friends with images of this magnificent Wat.

WatPhra Srisunpetch in Ayutthaya was originally clad with around 170 kilos of real gold! It attracted the attention of the old Burmese invading armies, who burnt the buildings in order to melt and steal the gold!

Don't get any ideas at Mini-Siam, it is gold paint and not the real thing, even if it is impossible to tell the difference.

Getting to Mini Siam Visitor Attraction in Pattaya

Mini Siam is situated on the Sukhumvit road - left hand side entering Pattaya from Bangkok direction. Look for the McDonald's sign.

The restaurant is situated adjacent to the car park. It is more or less opposite the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital which is on the right. A couple of hundred metres before North Pattaya Road - Pattaya Nua.

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