Million Year Stone Park

Million Year Stone Park Pattaya

The Million Years Stone Park is an integral part of the crocodile farm and show in Pattaya. It deserves its own identity.

As well as being host to the Pattaya Crocodile farm, The Million Years Stone Park is - as its name suggests - home to some beautiful putrefied tree logs.

These are now part of the rock landscape of the park, forming spectacular focal points for the many features within this beautifully landscaped park area.

There are splendid gardens that are host to the 'fossilised' and putrefied logs and trees, and these are well worth the visit when at the Crocodile Farm.

The putrefied logs and tree trunk range in size from a metre or so, to several metres in height, and weighing up to 75 tons.

Million Years Stone Park PattayaThey make for some good detail photographs.

There are some award-winning Bonsai trees, which are over 200 years old - in keeping with the age of the main exhibits - though not a million years old of course!

A nice water garden can be traversed by wide stepping stones. There are further examples of the million year stones that make this such an interesting attraction - and so near to Pattaya.

Getting to Pattaya Million Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

Million Year Stone Park PattayaOpen Daily: 8:00am. - 6:30pm.

From Pattaya City, take Sukhumvit Rd., (Highway No.3) head to Chonburi-Bangkok.

After passing Bangkok Pattaya Hospital at 400 meters, you will see the sign of Chaiyapornvitee Road (Highway No.3240).

Turning right into the road, there is a big billboard of 'The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm'.

There are also hundreds of them along the way on every junction.

After turning into the Soi - road - the Million Years Stone Park is about a 6 - 7 mins drive.