Laser Buddha

Laser Buddha at Pattaya Buddha Hill

Laser Buddha Khao Chi Chan at Pattaya. A sculptured Buddha Image was supposedly carved out of the rockface by laser.

No it is not in Pattaya - but this landmark is easily accessible from Pattaya - being just 15-20 minutes away by car or motorbike.

This Buddha image is supposedly carved out of the cliff face on this mountain by laser beams.

However, close up work with a good telephoto lens - or binoculars - will soon show that the gold outline is actually millions of small golden tiles placed into hand hewn crevices.

The truth is probably that the image was projected onto the mountain cliff face to allow the Thai craftsmen to see where they should be sculpting, without having to stand back and admire their work too often. Superb rock carving.

Whatever! It is a magnificent - and very different - Buddha image than those normally seen in Thailand.

Probably the best Buddha Mountain in the world. The carving of the Laser Buddha in Pattaya outline must have taken a long time - and painstaking workmanship.

At the Laser Buddha area there are some nice gardens and a few superb specimens of trees.

Laser Buddha at Pattaya Buddha HillThere is a good view point for taking photographs, but do not be afraid to experiment in order to get some 'different' photos of this magnificent laser Buddha.

The area of the Laser Buddha is not too well served with food or drink. There is normally a small stall in or near the bus/coach park. Also on the other side of the main road, there are several food and eating places.

An added attraction is that the Buddha is near to another good visitor attraction - The Silver Lake Vineyard. There are reasonable eating facilities at the Vineyard.