Big Buddha

Big Buddha in Pattaya

This imposing Big Buddha image overlooks much of Pattaya bay and the Jomtien area. It is situated at the top of Buddha hill and can be reached by car or motorbike.

The Big Buddha in Pattaya is situated - as you would expect - at the top of Big Buddha Hill.

Sat at the top of Pratumnak Hill - about halfway between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach areas, this huge Buddha image is reached by a walk up a not-too-difficult staircase with the guardian serpent on each side, once you have arrived at Big Buddha Hill at top of Pratumnak Hill - Khao Pratumnak.

It is an imposing Buddha image. Just remember, that whilst it will be flocking with tourists, it will need the respect of a religious site. Treat with respect.

It will soon become apparent why this is called Big Buddha, when you are anywhere in the vicinity of the Buddha image. It can be seen from some distance away - sitting, yet imposing at the top of the hill.

Many tons of cement and concrete were used in the hand crafting of the Big Buddha image. It started life painted white, but soon became resplendent in gold paint - as befits this mighty Buddha.

In the area surrounding the Big Buddha, you will find smaller Buddha images - notably those which represent birth days. There are seven (as you would expect) which represent the days of the week. This type of Buddha collection will be found in many places throughout Thailand, and gifts are offered to your own special birth day Buddha.

The Buddha of your own particular day will have a significance which is set out below.

Big Buddha in PattayaEvery worthy Thai will know what day of the week they were born - do you?

If not, then find out before visiting this site. Seek out the Buddha of your day, and make a donation to the Buddha of your birth - after having a friend take a photograph of you there of course.

Little things like that, make your visit to Thailand just that little bit more memorable and helps you soak up the Thai traditions.

Monday's Buddha is said to bring you peace. Tuesday's Buddha will grace you with peaceful sleep, and is normally found in the reclining position.

Wednesday's Buddha is to celebrate the fact that you are a kind, giving person. Thursday's Buddha gives you the necessary peace of mind to allow you to meditate. Friday's Buddha means that you will be granted happiness.

Saturday's Buddha will keep you safe and protect you from the elements of nature. Sunday's Buddha will ensure that the needy are found and cared for.

As well as the Big Buddha Feature area at the top of the hill, there is an interesting Chinese Style Temple and garden a little further down, that should not be missed, but often is - especially for tourists via coach. You will have passed it on the left hand side coming up to Big Buddha.

An added interest, is the fortune teller (Moh Dhoo) in the area of the Big Buddha of the top of the hill. We know people who have used the fortune teller at the Big Buddha and they are happy of his ability to look into the future. As well as the fortune teller, there is also a small image of the Buddha - which if you can lift it, you are granted your wish for the future.