Lower Gulf

Lower Southern Gulf Area of Thailand

Near the equator, sun-soaked coastal and inland resorts for the fun loving holidaymaker. This is the South East Gulf of Thailand.

There is often confusion as to exactly what this area consists of and where it is in Thailand.

It is often referred to as the Lower Western Gulf of Thailand.

Being referred to as West, you would expect to see it on the left of your map, but in fact it is firmly on the right.

It is the South East Coast area of Thailand, which is washed by the Lower Western Gulf of Thailand Sea.

One could easily assume that this area only consists of a few major islands. Important they are of course, but we talk now of the mainland provinces - blessed with the lower Gulf of Thailand Sea.

This whole area is second only to the Andaman Coast - which is to the west, and as its name suggests, is lapped by the clear waters of the Andaman Sea.

The four provinces which have coastline - and superb beaches - from the Lower Gulf of Thailand Sea are - (Top to Bottom).

Beaches and Islands Lower Southern Gulf of Thailand

Offshore we have some of the favourite islands in Thailand - easier to get to for a weekend away from Bangkok than those of the Andaman coast, being Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Toa and of course the superb Ang Thong Marine National Park.

There are other islands, but dealing with the mainland coast, we have huge stretches of beautiful beaches - white sand aplenty, with more than enough going on, and to see, to prevent you from wanting to stray too far.

Generally it is an interesting area, with gradual change to different cultures and beliefs to the areas to the north.

It is not a sudden change from Buddhist to Muslim, but a gradual pleasant mingling of different cultures. Mosques start to make an appearance as does the different clothing worn. And the food starts to take indifferent spices the further south you travel.

There is an intensity of superb beaches on the coastline of Surat Thani province. Whilst many are relatively quiet compared with the East coast beaches of Pattaya and the likes, there are the usual restaurants and shops, with plenty of inter-beach transport to make a stay here booth convenient and pleasurable.

The Lower Gulf of Thailand is almost certain to expand its tourist base as the present popular areas become crowded - and more expensive.

Lower Gulf Islands Accommodation

Ko Samui Island

Ko Pha Ngan

Koh Tao

There are other provinces to the south of this area. A little bit of uncertainty down there at the moment, so we will do nothing other than mention them. Even further south includes: