Krabi Province Andaman Coast South Thailand

Krabi Province is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Thailand. relatively unspoiled or developed as yet, it is typified with gorgeous turquoise seas of the Andaman - The Indian Ocean.

The Krabi coastline has soft white sanded beaches; islands offshore which we all dream of owning, and the amazing structures of the limestone crags that have pushed their way up through the earth over many thousands of years.

Krabi is the southernmost province we will be including for the time being, owing to the uncertainties of those other glorious province further to the south, which are at present devilled by spasmodic and violence and attacks.

The province is situated next down to Phuket, and it will only be a matter of time before the popularity of Phuket Island leads to an explosion outwards. Krabi being the next desirable area for development.

Getting to Krabi is a straightforward drive down from Bangkok - long but easy enough - with a good road system to get you here.

Krabi has a high Thai Muslim population who go about their business demurely and peacefully, with the ladies in the dress code of that faith - but rather more relaxed as the faces are uncovered. They add a little serenity to Thailand, which is normally quite happy to bare most if not all in many tourist areas.

Farming in Krabi is different from much of Thailand, with Rubber Tree plantations as one of the main crops. Together with this you will notice a difference with the Palm trees.

Very few coconut palms, but the more ornate 'Palm Oil' tree plantations. Both these profusely planted crops ensure that for the most part, Krabi is bathed in verdant foliage.

Beaches and Islands Krabi

Longtail Boat for Krabi Island hoppingThere are two main beaches on the Krabi coastline, but with many other smaller and secluded beaches for the would-be explorer.

All are in easy reach of hired or otherwise motorcycle, car or obliging taxi.

Krabi is not one of the largest of the Thai provinces but proportionate to land mass, has one of the longest stretches of coastline – more or less all of it accessible.

Within easy reach of the Krabi coastline there are numerous islands set in the clear waters of the Andaman.

Many of which are relatively un-explored, and certainly not as yet ‘commercialised’ too much.

In fact, with some, you should be advised to take such basics as bottled water – and maybe even your food for the day.

Krabi City

The provincial capital town of Krabi, is a rather laid-back affair, which goes about its day to day business in an orderly and -for Thailand – a tidy manner.

It is not a large town, but sprawls at the outskirts, so easy to reach most parts of interest on foot, or with the help of a tuk tuk. They are different to the Bangkok Tuk Tuks, though some of the drivers may well have got their training in Bangkok!

Krabi is old world – yet to be assaulted by major things tourist. It has a charm so often lacking in popular Thai provincial capitals. Long may it remain so, for most of the tourism is situated out of town.

Getting Around Krabi

Chicken Island Krabi ThailandKrabi province has many interesting areas for tourists and holidaymakers – though many of them are away from the provincial city center – as are the beaches. It would be a mistake to think that most areas of interest are in Krabi (city).

They are not, but they are in Krabi Province, but all are accessible by a short drive out from the city or from most of the hotels and resorts.

Andaman Sea Long Tail Boats

The way to travel between all of the islands and far away coastal places in much of Thailand, is by the unique 'Long Tail Boats'
On the Andaman coast, they is a big tourist attraction as well as being a necessary form of transports in and out of the islands with the shallow sea over the rocky coastline.

These boats go at some speed, so be prepared for a good deal of spray in your hair - and on your camera lens! Most places offshore from Krabi are serviced by these boats and also some of the inland waterways.