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Thailand Information Guide

The list of topics in this Thailand information guide are short snippets. Click through to discover even more in-depth information and facts about Thailand.

Essential Information About Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is amazing in so many ways. The country features Buddhist temples, spectacular islands, and exotic wildlife.

This guide also lists information and facts covering the fascinating history of Thailand. There is a solid and visible reason why they call Thailand the Land of Smiles.

Check out further details about the unique Thai culture and customs. These hot topics include all the top points of interest for tourists and expats.

That has to include hot tips on the delectable Thai food and guidance on the famous Thai massage. This is where you broaden your knowledge about amazing Thailand and the friendly Thai people.

Best and Worst of Thailand GuideBest and Worst of Thailand

What is the best of all things in Thailand? In keeping with all parts of the (civilised) world, there are many good and bad things about Thailand. It is what makes for a wonderful experience in life.

Chinese Birth Year Signs GuideChinese Year Signs

You may not believe you are affected by the powers that govern the lives of Chinese birth year signs. The Chinese and Thailand Zodiac are so much a part of Thai cultural aspects. But, do you ignore them at your own peril?

Culture in Thailand GuideCulture of Thailand

The culture of Thailand customs is intrinsically rooted in its religion - Buddhism - its history and the family. There is a tradition in Thailand called 'Tod Pa Ha'. It translates to an offer of help or a donation to Buddhist monks at the monastery.

Thailand FAQFAQ Thailand

Find a simple guide for tourists and expats in Thailand. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Thailand.

Festivals in Thailand GuideFestivals in Thailand

No-one quite does festivals like they do festivals in Thailand - and that's a fact! Major Thai Festivals are generally based upon Buddhist calendar events, but there are many others – nationally and locally.

Finance and Banking in Thailand GuideFinance and Banking in Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand's monetary and financial systems are basically governed by the Bank of Thailand (BOT). The BOT has a wide range of responsibilities for banking and financial affairs in Thailand.

Food and Eating in Thailand GuideFood and Eating in Thailand

Food for most Thai people is simply a way to survive. For others, it is a way to make money as a business. Even so, eating in Thailand for tourists is often a journey into the unknown. As such, it presents you with surprises, normally good - rarely bad!

Health and Fitness in Thailand GuideHealth and Fitness in Thailand

Thailand has no more than its fair share of health problems. The usual health scares do not respect country borders in Asia. This guide expplains the issues around health and fitness in Thailand for the masses.

Map of Thailand GuideMap of Thailand

The large map of Thailand shows approximately 1,600 kilometers from the northernmost point down to the southern tip of the mainland. The area covered by the Kingdom of Thailand equates to that of France.

OTOP Thailand GuideOTOP Thailand

What is the system of OTOP in Thailand? It has allowed certain villages or areas to develop different skills other than their normal skills associated with the area in which they live.

Property in Thailand GuideProperty in Thailand

Property for most Thai people, is simply somewhere to live - their home. Do not spoil it. Treat Thai people and their needs with respect, when searching for property in Thailand.

Provinces in Thailand GuideProvinces in Thailand

Thailand is divided into provinces which operate as the main administrative areas. The Provinces in Thailand are more or less equivalent to the same system in the USA or counties in the United Kingdom.

Sport in Thailand GuideSport in Thailand

The game of golf in Thailand came during the Reign of King Rama the 5th, over a century ago. The Gymkhana Golf Course in Chiang Mai is considered the Oldest Golf Course in Thailand which opened in 1898 with 9 Holes.

Thai Massage GuideThai Massage

The traditional Thai Massage is based upon a very simple principle and observation. Basically, it is a normal instinct to place your hand on any are of the body that suffers pain – whether that pain be from an insect bite, a strain, overworked muscles, or perhaps bruising from a fall or other damage.

Travel in Thailand GuideTravel in Thailand

Thailand has a fair range of airports servicing international and domestic flying routes. As a country that relies quite heavily on its tourism attraction, this is to be expected.

Weather in Thailand GuideWeather and Climate in Thailand

Thailand is a long country running from north to south. It covers several different weather and climate regions. This is a guide to weather forecasts for Thai provinces.

Where is Thailand Located?Where is Thailand Located?

Find out exactly where the Kingdom of Thailand is situated geographically. Thailand is south of China and north of Australia in a region known as Mainland Southeast Asia.