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Holidays in Thailand

The name of this website - Smiling in Thailand - was not an accident. It was an instant of inspiration after my first visit to the country.

The title typifies the holiday and tourism scene in this gem which is Thailand - situated at the centre of South East Asia.

Whatever you want from a tropical holiday, you are sure to find in this varied country.

Thailand is conveniently spread over several quite distinct areas – North; North East (Isan); East Coat; Central; Gulf Coast; Andaman Coast; The Deep South. All of these areas make up the evocative country of Thailand.

They are each, very different holiday destinations with their own distinctive way of life and enjoyment.

One thing that binds them together is their cultures – individually so different, yet as they say ‘same same’ and of course the famous Thai Smile.

About Holidays in Thailand

Rocky Island Coastline of ThallandYour preference for holiday activity will reflect your choice of region in the Kingdom. For instance, if the beach scene is yours, your choices will be many – both on the mainland coasts and the islands.

Much of Thailand to the south and east is served by one of several seas – The Gulf of Thailand – upper and lower, and the Andaman coast. With these tropical seas come gorgeous beaches and a wealth of island offshore.

If luxurious hotels and spas are your choice with a good coastal atmosphere, then Phuket will feature on your list. The island is legendary for its sumptuous luxury by way of hotels, resorts and spas.

But backpackers also find a temporary home there as well. Northern Thailand, and Chiang Mai in particular, will give you a more insightful look into many aspects of Thai culture, as well as access to many beautiful mountainous country parks, and activities such as white water rafting and elephant trekking.

Figurehead at National Royal Barge Museum ThailandThe central Thailand area is as you would expect, home to one of the great cities of the world – Bangkok. As well as being the financial, governmental and commercial hub of Thailand, Bangkok has endless opportunities for good holiday making – providing you can do without lying under an umbrella on a beach.

Most parts of the city are reached by the amazing Skytrain, and lesser known underground rail network. Pattaya - to the east of Bangkok - and the fun hub of Chonburi Province - has much to offer in the way of beach holidays - other than the bar scene for which it is famous.

But Pattaya is a varied city with many attractions within short distance, and in the neighboring areas - most accessible by public transport or hire taxi or motorcycle.

As you carry out your own research into holidays in Thailand, you will have many different holiday options from which to choose. Take your time, and don’t try to do everything in a week or so.

Make sure that you have enough time to fully explore whichever region you decide upon. There is so much to see – and do – wherever you choose to go.

The main differences between the areas are as a result of the varied geographic and resultant climatic conditions. Thailand has been a long time in the making, with input and influence from most other South East Asian countries over the centuries.

But, now Thailand has its very own identity, cemented by the similarities of the different cultural backgrounds of its population.

Thailand is a great place for a holiday!