Ao Tan Khu

Ao Tan Khu Beach Trat East Coast Thailand

A great surprise and pleasure to find this little beach at Ao Tan Khu. The beach at Ao Tan Khu is one of the most delightful beaches in Trat.

After visiting all of the beaches that could be found along the Trat coastline, it was a great surprise and pleasure to find this little known beach at Ao Tan Khu.

The beach at Ao Tan Khu is one of the most delightful beaches in Trat and has gorgeous golden sand – so soft underfoot - and the cleanest, clearest sea that could be wished for.

The short beach road (500 meters maximum) if you needed it stretched the length of the well shaded beach area.

Coconut palms and others, out foxed the few Casuarinas to give this beach a real good light tropical feel. Many of the coconut palms were angled out to sea – making them even more inviting – and allowing for some holiday brochure type photos.

Little happens at the beach, other than eating and relaxing ‘neath the shade of the sitting pagodas provided by the beach restaurants.

Ao Tan Khu Beach in Trat ProvinceAs its name suggests - Ao is Thai for bay - Tan Khu Beach is set in a gently curved and well sheltered bay.

The north end of the beach is fringed with trees overhanging the water, with conveniently provided swings. There is also restaurant at this end and the ‘playground’ atmosphere keeps Thais – especially those on family outing – in that area.

A resort sits on the other side of the beach road, and looks clean and bright - Sai Khu Resort. This resort also supplies meals to the beach area, good for local lunches in mid week, though the weekends tent\d to get a bit busy.

Essentially a Thai beach with none of the glitzy add-ons that tourists seem to like - it is nevertheless a very welcoming place, with friendly and laid back locals. Who wouldn't be, living here or near here?

The beach is not without its travelling food vendors, so there is plenty to go at as far as food is concerned, and of course, nothing much to do on the beach if that’s the way you like it. Otherwise you can take one of the swings or have a romp on the narrow strip of golden sand.

Ao Tan Khu Beach in TratFinding Ao Tan Khu Beach in Trat

Doubt that you will find this by looking at map books - we were helped by staff at the Laem Ngop Harbour resort.

Head north 4006 out of Laem Knop Ferry Port for around 5 km.

Turn sharp right at Ban Ao Tan Khu school. Here you turn left and the road will take you down to the beach.

Staying at Ao Tan Khu Trat Province

Sai Kku Resort – Ao Tan Khu ,Laem Ngop ,Trat
Tel. 08-5748-4510

PT.K.K. Resort – 27/3 M.1 Ao Tan Khu T. Bangpid A.Laem Ngop, Trat 23120
Tel. 087-5089306