Suan Son

Suan Son Beach Rayong Province

Suan Son is a beach of around 5.3km length situated about 2 – 3 kms east of Ban Phe Market culminating in a Chinese Temple mount and interesting little fishermen’s area to the west at the Klaen River mouth, from which the local fishing trawlers sail and return.

Suan Son Beach itself is variable, and grey rather than white.

Probably as a result of the silt bought down over the years from the river.

However, the beach is generally clean, other than where the fishing boats are moored and work from.

The beach is backed over much of its length with Casuarina trees and some pleasing palms, together with a few broadleaf trees, giving good shade to users and the beach shack restaurants alike.

A long beach road runs the length of the beach and has various shops and restaurants and semi bars along the non-beach side.

The non-beach side of the Suan Son Beach road tends to be a bit untidy and in places, dirty.

There is a good paved walkway along much of the Suan Son beach, often with grassy patches between itself and the sand as such.

Suan Son Beach Rayong ProvinceThe water is not the cleanest in the area, but several locals happy enough to swim and walk-fish in it. Many seating area here where you can either pass the time away or devour your own food and drink.

The fishing boat sections are interesting but a little uninviting. But the fishermen are friendly enough and happy for photos to be taken.

At the far end of the beach – away from ban Phe – is a small mount with a Chinese Temple set upon it, with an interesting set of angled steps leading up to it.

The beach is generally dirty and full of rubbish at this end. Behind the temple – down at ground level – there is a busy little area that seems to double as a community gathering for those from the fishing fraternity.

The Chinese temple is probably more to do with them than it is for other beach users.

In this area there are the normal poetic story beach statues – of which we are going to find out the details – which make for good photos. A small outcrop of jagged rocks completes the picture here.

There are many places to eat, with a wide range of food – mainly Thai or seafood. The normal traveling vendors are also on hand to ease you of a few baht.

Suan Son Beach Chinese Temple at RayongNormal sea activities including the banana boats are active – especially at weekend\s when the beach tends to get busy with local Thais and foreigners alike.

Some areas within the beach and walkways have subtle lighting making it a pleasant place to be in the evenings.

Where to Stay at Suan Son Beach

One the beach road, there are several resorts. Together with this, the close proximity of Ban Phe ensures that there are plenty of budget price places spread around.

Getting to Hat Suan Son Beach

Hat Suan Son is in the Klaen district of Rayong Province. Driving east along Sukhumvit route 3300 is around 2 km past the Ban Phe market and ferry roads. The 3300 will take you down to the beach.