Saeng Chan

Saeng Chan Beach Rayong Province

One of the quietest and most unusual beaches in Rayong province. Peaceful with a series of bays afording privacy and solitude.

Saeng Chan Beach is a series of man-made lagoon-type harbours, rather than a long stretch of uninterrupted sand.

The small bays are there to offer protection against erosion of the long beach, and also to give protection to the small flotilla of fishing boats that are to be found working from this area.

Saeng Chan Beach is part of a trio of joined beaches that stretch for 11km along the bay.

To the west is the industrious Hat Laem Charoen, to the east Hat Suchada, beyond which is Hat Sai Thong and then the Asian Industrial Estate. Map Pa Tut is visible on the distant horizon and its presence does little to deter visitors to this charming area.

The Saeng Chan beach is around 5 – 6 km long at most.

There is little in the way of the normal beach facilities, and the other side of the beach road is mainly wasteland, with the odd seafood restaurant.

Saeng Chan Beach Restaurant SheltersThe sandy coves are of soft white sand and generally clean.

They are protected from the general flotsam and jetsam by the generous size of the rocky walls that provide the shelter for the whole of this beach. Generally, it is find yourself a bay, and relax.

Car parking it no problem – other than a little at weekends – as there are several car parking bays, and the travelling vendors tend to avoid taking these spaces. It is in their best interests to do so.

What to Do at Saeng Chan Beach

Most Thais who use this beach are quite happy to eat and drink, with the odd small partying outfit.

Groups of workers from the industrial estate make good use of its nearness, and because of the general availability of space. Privacy of sorts is afforded by the bays along the beach.

It is mainly a matter of bring with you any ‘entertainment’ that you need. Forget the water sports of the other beaches in the area – though wind sailing is popular.

Saeng Chan Beach Rayong ProvinceThe bays provide good shelter for swimming and are shallow enough for a good paddle, with calm water even in the roughest of times.

Most are available for visitors, with just a few taken up with the local fishing communities.

Shade is at a premium, for there is not the normal belt of trees along much of the area.

However, there are a number of modern pagoda sitting areas, and the Thai restaurants that are there are sensibly established ‘neath any tree shade available.

At busy times, umbrella stands are available – courtesy of the restaurants in the main. A few Casuarina trees towards the middle of the beach area.

Staying at Saeng Chan Beach

Basically you do not ‘stay’ at Saeng Chan unless you like the sky for company. However, if you want to stay in the area, then there are a few places on the adjoining Hat Laem Charoen and also out in the main soi (Nakorn Rayong 2) which serves as the main entrance to the beach.

There are a few makeshift bars, and of course a number of shack shops selling all manner of drinks together with other beach necessities. There are no resorts of note – in fact no resorts.

How to get to Hat Saeng Chan in Rayong

Hat Saeng Chan is accessed in the main from Route 3 Sukhumvit at the 217 km road marker. The beach is well sign posted from other areas in the city.

From direction of Pattaya and Sattahip, take the right turn at 217 marker and follow Soi Nakorn Rayong 2 down to the beach. At the beach, you will be greeted by a large affable Buddha statue.

Turn right and you are at Saeng Chan. (Turn left and you are at Hat Laem Charoen.)

Hotels and Resorts at Nearby Laem Charoen Beach

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