Phayun Beach

Phayun Beach Rayong Province

Phayun Beach is not the busiest of beaches. This is one great thing in its favour for those seeking a bit of peace and quiet away from work.

Phayun Beach is not the busiest of beaches – not even at weekend.

This is one great thing in its favour for those seeking a bit of peace and quiet away from the humdrum of work.

It is a pleasant enough beach to visit for other reasons, with a few photo opportunities, and the chance to see a fishing community at work, and some play.

The soi that leads to the beach from Sukhumvit Road, conveniently splits the beach into two different segments.

Along to the left – heading east back towards the distant Map ta Put Industrial plants, is a pleasant stretch of white sand, that terminates in a rock breakwater.

At this end of the beach there is a Chinese Temple – well maintained and worth a look with camera at the ready. Beyond this, there is a rather messy sliver of sand for a couple of hundred meters that is still actually part of Phayun Beach, but for obvious reasons tend to get ignored by the locals – and whatever visitors happen to find it.

It is possible to walk – carefully - along the breakwater, which is constructed out of large rocks, but conveniently positioned with the flat surfaces forming a walkway. The rubbish trapped between the rocks, suggest that it is a meeting place for partying locals.

Phayun Beach Rayong ProvinceWhat is at Phayun Beach

This far eastern end also sees a small fleet of fishing boats – which often make the good basis for some sunset view as they lie languishing in the small bay.

There are also a number of Thai shack restaurants and the normal type of restaurants that are often found nesting between plantations of Casuarina trees such as are here.

The trees make good shade which is also taken advantage of by the local fishing people.

The gently curved bay stretches for about 800metres, with the added ‘no-go’ section being a further 200 meters. The sand id white and soft over the full length of the beach, and there is a slight ridge of sand that drops down to what seems to be shallow water.

Heading back towards the west – away from the distant industrial estate, and with the sea on your left – the area starts to turn more into semi beach with chairs and umbrellas provided by the restaurants.

Going past the entrance road, the beach tend to be a little bit more populated, with mainly Thai families making use of the shade of the trees. Again there are a few restaurants, and can vouch for the food served.

There is a toilet on this stretch of the beach road, and further a huge block of condominiums that seem to be undergoing refurbishment. It is home to several hundred units – at present deserted.

The beach does not get visited by the Banana boat squad – nor any jet skis. Inflatables are the main source of floating the time away.

The restaurant to the right of the entrance road, is open evenings until 9.00 pm – after an early 8.00 am start. The beach is up for grabs at all hours, but there is a notice if you please – “Keep Quiet for the sake of others!” Love it.

The beach is basically clean – if a little untidy with whatever the tide brings in. It is peaceful, and well worth seeking out if you feel that it is your type of beach, or indeed if you are a relaxed browser of things that do or don’t happen on Rayong Beaches.

Getting to Phayun Beach

Phayun Beach Temple at Rayong ProvinceHeading from Sattahip towards Rayong on the Sukhumvit highway route 3, you will enter ban Chang around 20 km before Rayong.

At road marker 194 – 500 meters further on – there are traffic lights with a large green overhead sign pointing to Right for Phala Beach. There is a Seven/Eleven on the left corner of the traffic lights.

Take the right turn, and trust that you will actually end up at Phayun Beach. After the main soi – a few hundred meters, you will come to the main coastal road.

Go straight over to the small soi which will then take you down to centre of Phayun Beach. You can also wander along from Hat Nam Rin to the east or Phala beach from the west.

Where to stay at Phayun Beach

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