Nam Rin

Nam Rin Beach Rayong Province

Nam Rin Beach is a peaceful small golden sand strip of relaxation by the sea. Not too much in the way of excitement and a good stroll takes you from one end to the other in almost exactly 500 meters.

Other than the nice clean beach and quite clean water, the main thing to be occupied with is the small public park at the far – Map pa Tut – end of the beach.

This is especially good if you have kids that need to let off some energy.

Toilets – clean and modern – are situated in the park area and are as good as any beach toilets on the east coast! Well done the staff.

In or near the park area are some good smooth photogenic rocks, sat on some of which are some walrussy-looking seals.

They are well photographed by all who come here. Just off the beach are further rocks of the same smooth texture and depending upon tide or wave strength are well accessible.

The only negative thing about this small Thai beach, is the fact that it is overlooked at the eastern end by the not too distant Asian Industrial Estate.

Nam Rin Beach Rayong ProvinceThe light yellow/gold sand is a little coarse, but not uncomfortably so.

Shade is provided by Casuarina trees the entire length of the beach, but they are not overwhelming. Plenty of parking space under the shade.

A few Thai restaurants along the beach together with the travelling vendors are enough for this small gently curved beach. Seafood is on the menu of course.

The beach is sloped, and sometimes in the sea quite steeply so.

Take care when bathing. The beach is normally clear of rubbish – other than that bought in by the tidal flows. Restaurant areas are generally swept and kept clean.

No resorts or any buildings of note along the beach – which added to the overall relaxing atmosphere. There is a good long paved and shaded walkway the length of the beach.

Getting to Nam Rin Beach Rayong ProvinceCome to Hat Nam Rin if you want relaxation.

It is a Thai style beach, though not without the few foreigners (farangs) who seek it out for a break from whatever.

Getting to Nam Rin Beach

This part is easy. Head east towards Rayong on Route 3 Sukhumvit – turn right into Tessaban 58 – sign posted to Phayun. 5 or 6 km before Map ta Put main junction.

Coming from Map pa Tut direction (Rayong) take left turn into 3392 and follow road – bearing right along Nonfab signed to Phayun and Nam Rin Beaches. Namrin beach 198 km from from Bangkok and 22 km from Rayong.