Mae Ramphung

Mae Ramphung Beach Rayong Province

Mae Ramphung is one of the longest on the East coast being around 10km in length and part of the Khao Laem Ya - Ko Samet National Park.

Mae Ramphung is an interesting beach in Rayong Province, having assorted things to do on and off beach.

The sand is generally light yellow/gold, but also whiter at the eastern end.

Whatever the colour on your part of beach, the sand is soft.

No matter the beach at Mae Ramphung is quite clean – other than what the various tides decide to deposit there.

It is a long beach – one of the longest on the East coast being around 10km in length and is part of the Khao Laem Ya - Ko Samet National Park.

Some websites will tell you that there is an entrance fee to the beach of 20 baht. This may well be the case with the National Park, but does not seem to apply to Mae Ramphung Beach. It is certainly not the case as far as I was aware.

The beach itself is well shaded with the usual belt of Casuarina trees, and there are also many umbrella pads set up by the plentiful beach restaurants.

The beach is mainly populated by Thais, and is used for all manner of pursuits, both on the sand and in the sea. Mae Ramphung is a shallow beach – gently sloping down to the sea, with plenty of sand at low tide, and plenty of sitting areas when the tide is in.

There are two concrete piers at the west end – one not accessible and the other a bit dilapidated, so be careful if you walk this. Ok for a good photo panorama of the beach, and also for the odd bit of rod fishing.

Mae Ramphung Beach Rayong ProvincePublic Park Area at Mae Ramphung Beach

A delightful public park area more or less cuts the beach in two with some attractive smooth rock outcrops in the sea. The park area is well landscaped, with huge rocks, palm trees and plenty of shady seating areas.

Eating at Mae Ramphung Beach is easy – especially if you are comfortable eating from the mainly Thai menus. Seafood is available at more or less all places.

Together with the semi-permanent beach restaurants, there are the travelling vendors, selling not only food, but an assortment of things that make a day at the beach a pleasure.

The sea is of course the playground for banana boats, but the long beach has plenty of places to swim or paddle, with seawater that is generally clear and clear on a good day.

The beach is a Thai playground, but foreigners are more than welcome to find a seat and ort join in the fun – or simply relax.

Small fishing communities spread out along the beach, giving a sense of a working beach. They make for good photos. I found a young Thai lad helping to make a 100 metre fishing net. Hey – he knew exactly what to do.

Mae Ramphung Beach at RayongFor much of the beach road, there is a cycle lane – usually ignored by motor cycles, cars and travelling vendors.

Mai Pen Rai Khrup. There is also a nicely paved and patterned footpath, together with a manned police box area.

Leaving the beach from the west end access road, there is a tower belonging to the Thai Meteorological Department.

Staying at Mae Rampung Beach

Several resorts and guesthouse line the beach road, and there are plenty within little more than walking distance.

Where is Hat Mae Ramphung Beach Rayong

The beach is situated about 10-12 km east of Rayong, along the main A3 Sukhumvit highway. Junction for 3142 and well signed.