Hat Laem Charoen

Hat Laem Charoen Beach Rayong Province

Hat Laem Charoen is a busy beach in Rayong Province with many places of interest for the vsitor. Good restaurants and white soft sand.

Laem Charoen, Hat Saen Chan and Hat Suchada are joined so combine to make 11 km of mainly white sand.

Hat Laem Charoen is about 4km in total length.

Hat Laem Charoen is essentially the business end of this trio of related beaches, with assorted fishing related businesses over its whole length.

This is not to say that the beach is uninviting for the casual visitor or tourist.

It is probably one of the most interesting of the Rayong Province beaches – unless you simply want to laze the time away under an umbrella with drink to hand.

There are of course, places to do that, though not too many beach umbrellas to be found.

As with the other beaches on this stretch of sand, there are man-made bays – sheltering the visitor and the fishing boats from the worst of the waves that tend to bless this coast.

In the bays – lagoons if you are feeling romantic – the water is calm, generally clean and above all shallow enough for safe swimming. The bays on Laem Charoen Beach are unique to this coast as far as we are aware, and certainly add much to the general atmosphere.

So, grab yourself a bay, and take time to watch whatever is going on. Otherwise go for a stroll along this busy beach area, and take your camera.

Hat Laem Charoen Beach Rayong ProvinceWhat is at Hat Laem Charoen Beach

There is a good wide Beach Road, with the beach just a few meters away to the right. At the far – eastern – end of the beach there are a number of interest points.

The Fishing Harbour at Laem Charoen

There are several vantage points from which you can witness the goings on of a busy fishing fleet harbor which is situated at the mouth of the river.

The large, brightly coloured trawlers come and go at regular intervals, and not without a bit of excitement on board.

This is especially the case when sea bound, with the letting off of Thai Chinese fire crackers accompanied with the excitement of the crew – so it seems – as they set out to make their fortunes (or maybe just a living).

Chinese Temple

A well maintained Chinese temple is set in a public park area for all to visit. Bright colours and general cleanliness make this a pleasant place to be.

The courtyard to the temple, beautifully tiled and maintained – so much so as to make the writer take off shoes even before getting the temple proper.

Harbour Wall

The rock breakwater is a good vantage point, though be careful with access over the rocks.

This area seems to be the place for the rod fishermen to try their luck, and watch the everyday activities as they wait for the longed-for bite on fishing tackle.

Seafood Restaurant

Drying Squid in the Sun at Hat Laem Charoen Beach RayongThere are many seafood restaurants stretched out along Hat Laem Charoen, but the most popular seems to be the restaurant that claims the name Charoen Seafood.

As it overlooks the fishing harbor, one can only assume that the fish meals are prepared from the freshest of catches! (Not plugging, but I can personally vouch for the quality!)

Along The Beach

As you drive down the Charoen beach road, there are quite a number of buildings – various resorts and whatever on the left. To the right, is the beach with its many small bays.

Charoen beach is full of character - and characters! There are places of interest to be seen in all stages of the catching to preparation of the various fish.

Squid in particular is to be seen being prepared and also being dried in the sun – both in the large factory grounds and also the seaside small sections.

There are not too many shade areas – other than under the thatched roofs of the makeshift seafood restaurants. So if you are after one of the bays to settle for the day, you need to be aware of that.

At the start of the beach there are a few belts of Casuarina trees with space below them. Further down the beach, all available shade is taken by the traders and fishing establishments.

Shopping at Hat Laem Charoen

NO supermarkets – or even Seven-Elevens – but there are many small shops and vendors selling assorted fish products – with the emphasis un assorted shell fish and squid. For something a little bit different to take back, there are packaged dried seafood delicacies – and squid!

Hat Laem Charoen is not the most frequented of beaches in Rayong, though in other terms it is probably the busiest. This is not to say that the activity is overwhelming. This is Thailand, doing things at the pace it enjoys.

When to go to Hat Laem Beach

As is increasingly so, all beaches within reach of any provincial capital - such as Rayong and of course the the busy, busy Map Ta Put Industrial Estate - have their peak times at early evening and in particular at weekends.

Laem Charoen is no different, and because of the plethora of seafood eateries, gets its fair share of visitors at lunchtimes as well. However, at most times mid week, the beach is yours to explore and enjoy.

Getting to Hat Laem Charoen Beach

Most of the large signs that lead to the beach are for Hat Saeng Chan. When at the beach, turn right and you are on Hat Saeng Chan, but turn left and you are on Hat Laem Charoen.

Driving east along Sukhumvit – route 3 – to the west of Rayong and just after Map Pa Tut Industrial Estate, look for road marker 217. (That’s how many km from Bangkok) Turn right into soi Nakorn Rayong 2.

It will be difficult not to see the overhead road sign posted Saeng Chan Beach.

Drive down until you can go no further – the sea – and turn left along the beach road. You are now at Hat Laem Charoen.

Hotels and Resorts at Hat Laem Charoen

NV Inn Resort - 16/1 Tangphai 4 Road, Tambol Chuengnurn, Aumphor Mueng, Rayong Beach, Rayong, Thailand
081-4292162, 081- 9401987

P.M.Y. Beach Resort Rayong - 147/394 Moo2 T. Noenpra, Rayong Beach, Rayong, Thailand
Tel. 038-614 980

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