Ao Khai

Ao Khai Beach Rayong Province

Ao Khai, is a tidy little bay situated more or less at the end of Rayong Province insofar as ‘sought-after beaches are concerned.

If you are one of those to whom size really matters, then read no further and pop over to Laem Mae Phim, where your desires for ‘big’ – and beautiful - will be satisfied.

Ao Khai, is a neat little bay situated more or less at the end of Rayong Province insofar as ‘sought-after beaches are concerned.

The small beach within the bay (Ao stands for bay in Thai) curves gently in concave manner, with white sand and reasonably clear waters stretching its two or three hundred meters.

Beaches in this part of Thailand do not get much smaller.

Ao Khai is sheltered to the east with a harbor wall, beyond which lies a fishing village and small fleet of trawlers.

To the west – housing the Sala Rooms of worship – further protection, both climatic and visual are offered by the promontory that juts out to sea. It is not quite a peninsular, but neatly encloses the bay.

Ao Khai came as a bit of a pleasant surprise after exploring the long stretches of sand that make up most of the east coast beaches.

Ao Khai Beach Rayong ProvinceThis little gem has a distinct character which, because of its minute stature, prevents too much in the way of development; which is not to be confused with improvement.

The major forward thinking I could see, was the planting of a few dozen small palms in the sand – presumably one day to offer some added shade to the single restaurant that has its home at the start of the beach.

Thereafter, wandering down the western half of the beach, there is little to be found by way of accommodation or other comforts other than a resort which takes up a fair proportion of the far end.

Parking is off beach – on the access road that leads down to the beach. Weekends should see some interesting sights as drivers navigate their cars back up the hill away from the beach. Tour busses are out of the question.

What is at Au Khai Beach

Au Khai is essentially a Thai style Beach – which is not to say that some ‘initiated’ foreigners (farangs) do not visit.

But certainly the overall ambience is that of laid-back innocent fun and merrymaking. (I am sure that the odd bottle of Thai whiskey emerges later in the evenings.

Shade along the narrow west strip is afforded along the by assorted trees. At busy times, the restaurant provides the inevitable umbrella cover. (That’s until the palms grow of course.)

If the beach looks a little bit cluttered with debris, this was bought in by the thrashing waves that were evident all along the coast during our rainy season visits in mid October.

There is an underlying cleanliness about the area, but with the casual approach of the Thais towards ‘spick and span’. It is a Thai beach. If you visit, try not to alter it. So much would be lost.

Weekdays are quiet, but lunchtimes at the restaurant are steady. Weekends can be manic – depending upon the weather. Its nearness to Rayong and Klaeng ensure a steady flow of visitors.

Things to do at Ao Khai Beach

Ao Khai Beach at Rayong ProvinceBeach games and inflatables are the mainstay of any action, but am told that the banana boat puts in an appearance also!

The only toilet we found – thankfully – was at the restaurant. The resort will obviously be well furnished in this respect.

The area to the left – after driving down – is devoid of any shade – or much else for that matter. With just the white sand, clear sea, and that tempting harbor breakwater.

It was nice to see the activities of the small fishing boats the other side. It is possible, by driving back and around the corner, to access the fishing village proper.

This is a beach for relaxation - alone or with friends. Not the place to go to for nightlife or a surplus of bars! (The restaurant sells drinks assorted.

How to get to Ao Khai Beach

Drive through to Klaen on Route 3 Sukhumvit, which more or less follows the coast. Look out for the right hand turn off signposted to Ao Khai Beach.

The Restaurant – Ao Khai Seafood 038-657455
Open 09.00am – 08.00pm Mon – Fri
08.00am – 08.00pm

All times are flexible depending upon needs of customers!

Where to stay at Ao Khai Beach

The Resort: Baan Suan Ao Khai Resort, 231 Moo 3, T. Kram, A. Klaeng, Roayong 21190
Tel 038-657553; 038-657955: 081-5501348 Fax 038-657959