East Coast Beaches of Thailand

There are many good beaches in East Thailand, with a huge range of things to do once you are on the beach. Near enough to Bangkok for a weekend break

The Eastern Seaboard of Thailand starts at the Cambodian Border in Trat Province, and runs all the way from Trat Province in the South Easterly point of Thailand, through to Bangkok.

En route, the coast of East Thailand has some interesting beaches, and of course it has Pattaya.

As well as the mainland beaches, there are a number of notable islands - which of course have their own special beaches.

Koh Chang, Koh Samet and Koh Larn are three of the main islands off the coast of Eastern Thailand.

The islands are well served by either traditional Thai Ferry Boat from most major town piers and harbours.

Speedboats also charge about between mainland and islands – often based at or on the beaches themselves.

East Thailand is a bustling place of industry, but this coast is also one of the main weekend ‘get-away’ haunts for the Bangkok Thais.

Many of the beaches which are quite deserted mid-week suddenly become second homes to visiting Thais.

Pattaya has the main claim to overseas tourists in the area, and most of the beaches in and near to Pattaya, reflect that, with up-market hotels and resorts. (Pattaya has other attractions and fame, but here we talk about beaches!)

Once away from Pattaya – to east or west – the beaches change character and become Thai - rather than tourists – beaches.

East Coast Beaches of ThailandThai Beaches for All

Many foreigners – particularly residential ex-pats - are happy rubbing shoulders with Thais, but for the tourist, the beaches may seem a bit tame, and lacking in the comforts they are used to.

Nevertheless the Eastern Coast of seems to be keen to get a slice of the tourist cake, and are gradually updating the facilities to attract overseas visitors.

One particularly endearing feature about the East of Thailand is the climate. Most of the East is sheltered within the Gulf of Thailand Bay – sheltered to the East by Cambodia and the West by Myanmar. It escapes much of the 'weather' that affects the rest of Thailand.

Most of the beaches nearer to Pattaya and tourism have plenty of provision for the varied water sports, but as you get further away towards the east, you basically have sea and sand! You will also have plenty of food to choose from – but either Thai traditional or seafood.

Hotels and good guest houses are located at most beaches, but again with exceptions. The entire East coast is seems is starting to gear itself up for continued and increasing influx of foreign tourists.

The beaches will be first on the visitor list in most cases.

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