Upper Andaman

Beaches in Upper Andaman Thailand

The Upper Andaman coast is home to Thailand's most famous island - Phuket. There are other beaches and places on the Upper Andaman - less costly, less crowded, and as enchanting.

Much depends upon what you want from your beach and surrounding amenities.

The Upper Andaman is a popular place for Thais and foreign visitors alike, attracted by the superb beaches and stunning landscape of the towering limestone outcrops - on land and out to sea.

The sea is invariably clear - and clean - and depending upon time of day, it will be turquoise or azure in colour.

There are countless islands and mainland beaches worth a visit, and even on Phuket, it is still possible to spend time on a relatively deserted beach.

Expect to pay premium rates for hotels on Phuket and also some of the mainland hotels, but this is normally a reflection of the upmarket provision as the hotel providers fight for market share.

Eating out - where else - is considered expensive to the rest of Thailand - including Bangkok, but the range of foods available in the beachside restaurants is superb - especially if you are a seafood fanatic.

Three of Phuket's famous beaches - Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon can be seen in this stunning view. One of many islands of the Upper Andaman coast can be seen to the left - being Koh Puh.

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