Beaches in Trat Province Thailand

There are beautiful unspoiled silver sand beaches in Trat Province. We describe them and direct you to them for you peaceful enjoyment.

This is as far as you go to the East in Thailand. The next stop is Cambodia!

Most visitors only know Trat for one of two things.

The crossing to Cambodia – for visa and gambling purposes - or a short wait at the pier at Laem Ngop until the ferryboat arrives to take them to the beautiful Koh Chang Island.

There are the first signs of awakening to the tourist trade, as several of the passing visitors make time to explore Trat - and the Trat beaches - for it is a very different and interesting part of Thailand.

The beaches of Trat are also different to many in Thailand, and certainly the East Coast.

There is a narrow strip of land that runs along the border with Cambodia to the East, and the interesting clear waters of the Gulf on the West. The area is known as Khlong Yai.

Along this strip – other than the traditional and charming fishing villages, there are several beaches well worth visiting, and possibly due to be ‘discovered’ by visitors to Thailand.

The main thing in its favour as far as we are concerned (searching for those elusive silver sand/clear blue sea beaches) is the fact that logistically, Trat is a bit far from the visitor havens of Pattaya and Bangkok. It is treated as little more than a bit of a transit station to Koh Chang and Cambodia.

You will be pleased to know that the beach of black sand - Laem Ngop - is untypical and not one of the beautiful beaches that we feature.

The beaches on offer in this area are secluded, peaceful and as near as you get to being un-spoilt these days. Try Trat beaches if you really want to get a feel of traditional seaside Thailand. All we ask is that you keep them secret.