Beaches in Rayong Province Thailand

Beaches in Rayong province are generally off the tourist maps and radar so the reason for seeking them out is to experience Thai beach culture.

Rayong Province is home to the major industrial and commercial multi-nationals.

It is also the jumping off spot for Koh Samet. Lesser know – other than locally – are the wide range of popular peaceful beaches along the coast – stretching from Rayong itself through to Bang Chang.

Rayong gets ignored by most travel websites – other than the mention of the Ban Phe port market and harbor en route to Koh Samet.

Samet is rightly famous for its superb beaches, and we feature them. But mainland Rayong also has many beaches to offer.

Many of them quiet by tourist standards, but also with enough to do to spend a few days in the area. They are not too difficult to find, and their lack of popularity with the travel trade in general can be considered a plus.

Rayong and its beaches are pure Thai – not too many westerners to be found here other than the few ex-pats who have discovered and enjoy the relative laid back atmosphere.

Most of the beaches are near enough to the provincial city of Rayong, or further to the west at Bang Chang.

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If you have your own transport, it is easier to find the more secluded beach, but there are motor cycle taxis and three wheelers in the towns that will take you anywhere. Most will also take you places that are yet to be 'discovered'.