Beaches in Phuket Thailand

Beaches don't come much better than those that grace the coast of Thailand's premier Beach holiday destination - Phuket.

The Beaches in Phuket are some of the finest Beaches in the world, and are greatly responsible for Phuket becoming the visitor destination that it has.

There are around 35 Beaches in Phuket - hard to be more explicit, for sometimes there is a distinction to be drawn between, Beaches, coves and bays.

Writing about Phuket Beaches is where all the superlatives start - pristine, clean, clear, azure, white powdery sand. And so the list goes on. But there is also the wealth of things to do on this island, that makes it even more appealing.

Who after all, simply wants to sit on a Beach every day of a week or two vacation. If you want, you can - even fit in a different Beach every day.

In reality, most will want other things to do as well. Phuket provides those things, for the family, for the loner, and for those in search of nightlife adventure.

Phuket gets busy as you would expect, but the good news is, that there is room for all, on Beaches, in hotels and resorts, and using the mass of facilities that includes some of the finest diving and snorkeling trips.

Beaches in Phuket Province