Beaches in Pattaya East Coast Thailand

Pattaya has one of the most famous beaches in the world. It also has several other gems of beaches which are quite different.

No website about beaches, or even about Thailand for that matter can ignore Pattaya Beach – arguably the most popular and famous beach in the country.

But Pattaya has other beaches, within the city limit, and also outside.

Added to that, Pattaya has a good transport network of motorcycle taxis and Songthaews that will soon deposit you to the beach of your choice for a few baht.

No reason then, to not explore this haven of beaches.

Pattaya itself is of course famous for its risqué nightlife and bars, but things are changing, and the city council is making good progress in changing the way Pattaya is perceived, and in particular, changing the emphasis towards a normal holiday resort.

There is still a bar life, and generally the sex entertainment is cantered there. It is easy to avoid - even to the extent that you will have to look for it if needed.

The main Pattaya Beach has undergone huge transformation in recent months, with an emphasis on the holiday maker’s comfort and activities. Still a few isolated ‘ladies’ who walk the beach, but not now to be found lurking under every palm tree.

Pattaya Beach Walkway Opened September 2013Pattaya Beach Walkway (September 2013)

One of the most desirable aspects of the beaches in Pattaya, is the fact that there is always something to do, and somewhere nearby to do it.

Regular cleaning-up activities are now the norm, and the beaches are generally clean and user-friendly. Hopefully the same will be said of the sea around Pattaya soon, but that is a slightly longer term operation.

Pattaya Beach - This is newly refurbished, with serious attempts made by the city council to give the whole area a family and holiday ambience.

Jomtien Beach - is starting to compete with Pattaya Beach - generally offering a better family experience, and cleaner less crowded beach and sea. However, the competition from Pattaya beach is heating up. Rapidly becoming an 'in' place, with a huge range of condos being built.

The beach is long, quiet and with golden sand.

Dongtan Beach - Adjoining Jomtien beach, this beach is home to many hotels and condo residents - and also a favourite haunt for the gay fraternity.

Bang Saray Beach - Not in Pattaya - but reasonably accessible by motorbike or car. One of the most peaceful beaches on the Eastern coast, but weekends sees more life. Plenty of relaxation space for all though.

Wong Amat Beach - to the north of Pattaya, is seen by many to be an almost private beach. Not so - even though some of the frontage hotels are making it their back garden with access to the nice beach and sea.

Cosy Beach - Down a flight of steep steps - and the climb back up again. Frequented in the main by the residents from the hotels and condominiums at the top of the steps!

Koh Larn Coral Island - The nearby island off the coast of Pattaya