Lower Andaman

Beaches in Lower Andaman Thailand

If there is an area of coastal Thailand that can lay claim to being relatively un-spoilt, then it is the Lower Andaman Coast line - home to mainland Krabi, Trang and Satun provinces.

The further south you travel, this description will hold good - in spite of the ripping out of the Mangrove forests over the years.

It is an area of mainly white but sometimes golden sanded beaches, made all the more spectacular by the stark cliffs of limestone rock, that attract rock climbers from all over the world.

Abutting Malaysia - as with its East coast counterpart of the Deep South, it has much to offer in the way of natural beauty, with varied topography and historic cultures.

The food will be noticeably different to that of mid and northern areas - with Malay cuisine intermingling with Thai.

The Southern Muslim food is spicy as with the Isan food - but different - though the readings on the Richter scale will be about the same.

Krabi beaches are legendary for their beauty and relative calm, which is not to say there is little to do. If you decide to lie in the shade of a palm or casuarina, it is from choice rather than necessity.

Whilst the rock climbing is not for the faint hearted, there are many places to explore or foot and by kayak. Leave the transport to others and you can end up being ferried in a long boat - like the ones you see in the holiday brochures.

Things to do in Lower Andaman

It’s all very well having a holiday on or close to a beach, but you will need other things to as well as lying on a beach under a shade umbrella.

The lower Andaman coastal region has plenty to offer in varied beaches and the normal activities on or below water. Many areas can be visited and explored with a long tail boat tour, together with which there are amazing cave tours from the ‘comfort’ or perhaps convenience of a tour boat.

There are also mangrove forests along this coastline which are worth a visit if you are in any way interested in nature. Many can be explored by kayak.

But, move inland for a day or so to visit some of the National Parks, or fine historic buildings. You will see from the lists below, that there is no shortage of beaches – most of which offer holiday packages by way of hotels, guest houses and super resorts.

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