City Pillar Shrine

The City Pillar Shrine Bangkok

San Lak Muang: The City Pillar Shrine houses the all important City Pillars - two in this case - where Thais can go to pray for the wellbeing of the city.

As is the custom, The City Pillar was erected at the establishment of the city of Bangkok in 1782.

The City Pillar - situated within the shrine - is seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune for all who live within the City.

A further Pillar was constructed by Royal Command of King Rama IV.

The Pillars are enclosed in the shrine - The City Pillar Shrine, situated at the south east corner of Wat Na Phra Mane Ground, was renovated for the City of Bangkok's 200th anniversary in 1982.

It is customary if you want to have good life in the city, to worship at the City Pillar Shrine, and give offerings.

The City Pillar Shrine BangkokDo not be surprised to hear Thai traditional musical instruments playing.

They will probably be accompanying the traditional superbly costumed dancers as their dance movement depict thanks to the guardian spirits, who look after the shrine and also the many visitors.

The City Pillars Shrine; the City Pillars; The Guardian Hall, complete with five Guardians Spirits. When first constructed, the City Pillar Shrine housed just three spirits - Gods.

The 'Birth Certificate' of the City of Bangkok - etched in gold - is situated inside the shrine in the top of the City Pillar.

The taller of the City Pillars - its timber innards now covered in gold leaf - is said to have been a talisman that allowed the Thais to defeat the Burma army in Battle.