Chatuchak Park

Bangkok Chatuchak Park and Gardens

Chatuchak Park and how to find it in Bangkok. The public park is a great green oasis in the middle of roads, houses, and polution.

Chatuchak Park and Gardens are conveniently accessed by the two great public transport systems - The Skytrain BTS and the Underground MRT.

The park is one of the great open spaces in Bangkok, and has a diversity of facilities.

You can simply lie down by the lake, hire a bicycle, walk along the meandering paths, or explore the outer reaches of the park.

Gardens are well kept with plenty of flower colour throughout the year, and of course there are a wealth of mature trees in the park.

Part of the Chatuchak park complex is laid out to superb horticultural and botanical displays - many of the plants are easily identified by name tags - in Thai, English and of course the botanical language - Latin.

Chatuchak Park is one of several large parks in the Bangkok Area that serves as a recreation area for many different people - both Thais and foreign visitors.

As it's name implies, it is in the Chatuchak area, so within easy reach of most areas by either Sky-train or by underground train. There are many other forms of public transport that also serve the park for Chatuchak is a busy area - not least for the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Park is one of the oldest parks in Bangkok - dating back to 1975, when the State Railway of Thailand presented the land to His Majesty the King for the construction of a park - as was the royal wish.

Chatuchak Park Horticultural Information

Bangkok Chatuchak Park and GardensIt is a large park in the middle of a very busy Bangkok suburb - covering 120 hectares - 120,000 sq m.

It was designed with the normal park concept in mind - choice plantings of trees, shrubs and other plants, together with many ornamental plant bedding schemes.

With around 2,000 different species of Thailand and foreign plants it has an important botanical element to it.

However, the natural landscape with wide open spaces makes is a great green breathing and relaxation space in the middle of a very busy road intersection and heavily built up area.

There are three parts to Chatuchak Park, but the main area is as described here.

The reason being that the other two parts of the park - Queen Sirikit Park, which is home to the Children's Museum, and Wachirabenchatat park, are separated from the main section by roadways - Kampaengphet 3 Road. There is also a Railway Museum in the complex.

Plants Growing in Chatuchak Park Bangkok

Plants and Flowers at Chatuchak Park BangkokComing into the Chatuchak Park from the surrounding area will be a great pleasure for anyone with an eye for beauty - organised or natural.

Chatuchak Park has superb tree plantings - mainly of the pea family Leguminosae - and always a number of colourful flower beds, borders and well trimmed and maintained many-coloured shrubs which border some of the many footpaths.

Many of the tender plants that are to be seen in the UK summer bedding schemes are here - but all the year round.

Temperatures rarely drop below 25deg F. The copious watering regime ensures that the plants in the Chatuchak Park are always looking at their best.

Recreation at Chatuchak Park and Gardens

The park is well provided with footpaths, which lend themselves to the army of joggers to be seen at most times. jogging Thai-style probably does little to increase the heart rate, an on occasions I have found myself slowing down as I walk, in order not to 'overtake' a jogger - fact.

However, even a leisurely jog in such sublime surroundings - as is the case at Chatuchak - can only help to cleans the soul and spirit of the day's tedium.

Cycle riding is also possible, with a hired bike, or if the water is your scene, then hire a boat to while away the time.
Above all, remember that this is Thailand. There is no rush. There is no-one to beat. just you and the great outside, full of fresh air, and environmental bliss.

If you are feeling even less active, then there is the outdoor Gymnasium at your disposal. Again, this is Thailand, pump iron if you have to.

If you do not have the desire, then hang it all out and take your time. Limbering up and de-stressing seems to be more important than the actual push. just join in the gentle circuit of girls and guys meandering from one item of equipment to the next.

If you have a camera - better still if you have a partner - then Chatuchak Park will fill your memory stick before you can say 'click'! Close-ups of flowers, tree scenes, loved ones - maybe husband or wife - people, kids and all sorts of sculptures and things just waiting to find a place in your album.

If you want to meet up, there are plenty of quiet places in Chatuchak Park, and I can certainly recommend a quiet de-stress walk after a visit to the Chatuchak Weekend Market (just up the road).

It is certainly easy to forget that you are still in Bangkok. Foe a start, everything seems well ordered, and not prone to chaos. This is not to say that there is a surfeit of regimentation. Far from it. Chatuchak Park is a relaxing informal environment in which to spend as many hours as you wish.

Sit down, stroll, meander, watch out for the plodding jogger, and enjoy. just be at peace with yourself and those around you.

The Bangkok Butterfly Garden is in the south eastern part of Wachirabenchatat Park - also known as the Rodfai or Railway park.

Getting to Chatuchak Park

MRT (underground) (MRT): Chatujak Park Station or BTS (sky train) By sky train (BTS): Mo-Chit Station - which is in front of the park. From any station on either, it is a maximum of 30mins to get here. From centre of Bangkok to a green oasis - 30mins!

Car park for people who drive there.
Open: Daily 5.00 am to 8.00 pm.
Admission: Free