Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

Whatever you want, it will be found in Sukhumvit. Shopping, girls, sex, men, designer goods. All here in the heart of Bangkok.

Sukhumvit area is a blessing for many Thai people, for they can make good money here by looking after the needs of the foreigner - Farang!

Foreigners like the area for food, drink, shopping, and fun.

The latter is in plentiful supply! For Farangs, the price is normally right - that is to say cheaper than at home, but for the Thai people the prices here are prohibitive.

Unless of course the Thai is one of the wealthier classes. Thai people will not normally go 'shopping' for everyday items in Sukhumvit area.

The secondary shopping areas - ie the street stalls - are normally open from early evening until late at night, selling many different products at higher prices than would be found in other areas of Bangkok.

Bear that in mind, and you have a good basis from which to start bartering - Bargaining!

Here is the place to get your 'Designer' gear - Rolex watches - locally made; Nike Trainers at knock down (knock-off) prices - for instance, a pair of Nike trainers for 2,500THB (£40.00 approx - $80.00) - and that is before you start bargaining.

Generally, prices for street goods in Sukhumvit can be as much as double that asked in other markets/street stalls. There is variety of choice for the foreign shopper - whether it be hotel, bar, food, women - or man! (There are other options!)

Tuk Tuks are a fun way of getting about. just make sure in this area in particular, that a price is determined first. Many Tuk Tuk drivers are good honest guys trying to make a living. Others are downright crooks!

(As you can imagine, the writer has been well and truly ripped off by a certain Tuk Tuk driver - 200THB to be precise!) Taxi drivers on the other hand, drive on meter and a typical trip in a taxi will cost 75-120THB!

Nana and Soi Cowboy (Aptly named) are the two main areas for tourists. Bars, hotels, restaurants, and women abound.

It stands to reason, that as most of the shopping and spending is done by foreign males, there are many beautiful shop 'assistants' to facilitate the extraction of money for goods! A smile in Thailand goes a long way towards making money in some cases!