Silom Road

Silom Road Bangkok

Silom Road area of Bangkok lives quite happy with a split personality. By day it's the place to make money and by night it's the place to spend money.

The surrounding office blocks and buildings are host to such clients as the Bangkok Bank Headquarters, The Siam Commercial Bank, and the CP Tower (Center Point?).

Famous hotels and the Shopping Plaza add to the general financial businesses.

By day, working professionals spill out onto the small street market which is active from 11am until 1.00pm (Silom Soi 5).

Throughout the day, tourists and other spenders can pamper themselves in the central Department Store and other shopping areas.

The whole are 'demands' that you spend, for the most up to date fashions in all things to wear, adorn and listen to are here for the buying. Money changes hands quickly here at Silom Road.

At night, there is the added attraction of the street market which starts to evolve after the normal daytime hubbub of Silom Road winds down. It never actually stops of course.

Silom Road BangkokSilom Road in Bangkok, has the nickname - The Street that Doesn't Sleep'.

You may have money before you get to the market Soi La-Lay-Sub, but it will dissolve once here, as the name suggests. (La-Lay-Sub = La Lay = dissolve like ice to water: Sub = money). Money dissolves here!

Everything that is Bangkok in the imagination is here - certainly for nighttime entertainment.

Traffic is horrendous - mainly standstill. Tuk Tuks splutter their way through. On the pavement you can dodge sizzling woks and trip over a beggar in the process.

Department stores with the latest and best brands - street shops with their wares laid out on the ground for you to see. Bangkok at its best - or worst. You decide.

The Department sores and Shopping malls in Silom Road offer relative comfort with air conditioning and a little space in which to roam/shop. This is not true of the street.

Silom Road has BTS Skytrain and Subway for ease of travel.