Chainat Province Central Thailand

Chainat - Place of Victory! So named because of a series of successful confrontations with the marauding Burmese armies.

It is a flat-landed area, north of Bangkok and sits on the Chao Phraya River.

It is known for its rice fields - helped in no little measure by the fact that the country's first ever dam was built to the south of the province, to aid flood prevention further downstream, and also channels the waters to the rice paddies via the largest irrigation system in Thailand.

The dam is home to a huge teal duck influx during the month of January. There are said to be 10,000 or so visiting Teal at that time. A spectacular sight and a 'must' for serious bird watchers and photographers.

As well as visiting Teal, the birdwatcher is catered for with the larges bird sanctuary in Asia - 'Suan Nok ChaiNat' (Chainat Bird Garden). Many species of birds are to be seen here, and again it should be on the 'to go' itinerary of the serious bird watcher.

Specialty Products from Chainat Districts

Dam on the River Chao Phraya in Chai Nat ProvinceDakkhanon Mattresses

This type of mattress is stuffed with kapok, and is a speciality of the people of Ban Dakkhanon in Tambon Thammamun.

Benjarong Pentachrome Ceramics

These ceramics are finished in five colours, and are made to the highest quality. They include bowls, plates, variouse jars, jugs and cups. All are hand painted.

Reed Mat and Bamboo Weaving

Good quality reed and bamboo weaving is used for the production of mats, baskets, trays and fans in the area of Amphoe Manorom

Manorom's Pomelo

A gorgeous fruit produced by the famous Khao Taengkwa variety. Very sweet and crispy and is available through the year. There is a special fair in August each year! Yum Yum!

Water Hyacinths

These are used to make a range of woven products and also formed items of use such as slippers and flower pots. Much more as well.

Herbal Shampoos

These are mainly made from the Kaffir Lime. Also Aloe and Tumeric. Shampoos, bath Gels and conditioners are the products of the Tha Sai area.

Huai Krot Sugar

It gets used in delicious soft cakes. It comes form the Sugar Palm which is grown locally in Huai Krot.Brown Rice is available almost everywhere. Real healthy product that is milled in the traditional manner.

Hand-woven Textile

Local housewives produce a unique hand woven textile from which the tube skirt is formed.

The six districts - Amphoes - of Chainat are - Amphoe Muang Chai Nat | Hankha | Manorom | Sankhaburi | Sapphaya | Wat Sing. There are also two sub districts, being King Amphoe Nong Mamong | King Amphoe Noen Kham.