Andaman Coast

Andaman Coast South West Thailand

any publications split the Andaman Coast in to two sections - Upper and Lower. This may have been applicable several years ago – when there were marked differences between the two areas in tourism and holiday terms.

Nowadays, with the rapid expansion of provision in the whole area, the lower part of the coast is rapidly catching up – providing many more hotels and resorts to catch the ‘overspill’ from over-developed Phuket.

There are few opportunities left for tourism developers in the upper section of the Andaman.

They are now turning their attention to the increasing holiday and tourism popularity gains of the hitherto unspoiled areas further down the mainland coast from Phuket.

Other than the near saturation of holiday and trip locations in the areas above Phuket, there are of course the National Parks, which prevent further development to a large extent.

There is also Krabi Province - one of the most beautiful provinces and coastlines in Thailand.

The entire Andaman are shares the same climatic conditions, with more than a fair share of rainfall for most parts of the year. This makes for the lush forests and that are so part of this verdant area.

The Provinces of the Andaman Coast

Rice farming is not an option on this coast – mainly because of the rugged terrain, but also because the local climatic and topographical conditions favour the growing of rubber tree, coconut and palm oil plantations.

Beaches and Islands of the Andaman Coast

Koh Poda Island BeachBeautiful as the greenery is, we are talking of the Andaman coast. The Andaman coast is home to some of the most beautiful islands, beaches, and clear seas in the world.

Phuket is part of this are of the Andaman, but we have given that its own section. It is after all one of the world’s most sought after holiday locations. There are plenty of other places for tourists and holidaymakers to enjoy on the Andaman.

National Parks In Andaman Area

The Andaman truly excels in natural beauty with both the mainland and offshore National Parks ensuring that this beauty is retained for future Thai generations and of course for the tourists who are vital to the area's financial wellbeing.

Upper Andaman North of Phuket

Lower Andaman Area South of Phuket